Saturday, December 20, 2008

Uh, What? December 20th Edition

Real quick: my name is Kris. I wrote a short, self-contained story for Psychotronik Comics that hopefully Ramon will one day finish drawing. I'm looking to write some more sequential fiction for PC, and I'll make sure everyone hears about it when I do. In the meantime, I'd like to explore the depths of humanity's odd behaviors with a completely irregular and potentially one edition installment known as "Uh, What?"

So I've heard about the whole Scarlett Johansson tissue on eBay thing, and I was on eBay earlier today so I decided to look at the listing. The questions caught my eye, specifically the third question:

"Hi, I am what you may consider a celebrity tissue enthusiast. Can you please give me more info on the paper itself, before I bid? For instance: brand, color, how many ply, scented or non, did it originate from the studio or from Scarlett's purse. Thanks Mike Vancouver Canada"

I knew people bought these things for absurd prices, (regardless of the fact that the money goes to charity, the price is still absurd) but I had no idea the number of ply was being factored in to these decisions. And let's not even get into scented, or non... I supposed a person has the right to know if the lovely scent Scarlett's snot is going to be corrupted by a synthetic flowery smell.

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Brandon said...

Ha. If I ever become famous I plan on selling my dirty, smelly socks on eBay. It will be my retirement fund. :)