Monday, December 8, 2008

The Batmobile Lost A Wheel

How awesome is this? A great looking Batmobile toy from Italy produced in 1980 I came across recently over at the Bat-Blog. More great pics of this gem of a Bat-collectible there so be sure to check them out. Working lights and one of those low-tech corded remote controls with the little steering wheel on it were the main features, but it's just a really nice looking toy considering about that time here in the US we were somewhere between the clunky Mego Batmobile and the so-so Super Powers version.

Which leads to the bigger question, "what's so cool about the Batmobile?" Besides being the ride of one of the best fictional characters of our time (Batman is at once both Sherlock Holmes smart and James Bond action, but with bats) it's just a great concept. Sometimes a hot rod and sometimes a borderline tank, this is what Batman uses when he goes from covert, sneaky rooftop ops to full-on asskicking in the streets. If you are a criminal in Gotham City and the Batmobile rolls up you know it's on like Donkey Kong. Black, tail fins, bat graphics, rocket launchers - it's all the badassery you could possibly want in a car. That was one of the only big disappointments for me with the latest Christopher Nolan Bat-films, the Batmobile looked like total crap. I know, part of the point is that this is the gritty and realistic version of Batman and hence his transportation would be no-frills, utilitarian, and pragmatic, but come on. It's the frickin' Batmobile! If it looks more like a piece of rolling modern art than an actual car you have to know something has gone astray. The glimmer of hope here is that it was destroyed in The Dark Knight to eject the Bat-pod-cycle thing so maybe we'll get to see something cooler in the inevitable threequel.

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